1. Lauren Kritzer says:

    Frank, would like to speak with you about possible on camera interview for television series. Please contact me.

  2. Vera says:

    I just saw Limelight and loved your presentation of your research. I look forward to reading your bath salts article as I think it was a manufactured hysteria/manipulation of public, but why? You mention police state in Limelight and I wish you could investigate that and all the topics I think about. Surveillance everywhere: atms, at traffic lights, even w/ everyone having iphones it can work a bit in reverse (ie filiming Osar Grant) but rarely so. Another trend: why so much reality tv…most just support misogynist stereotypes like Dane Moms, Bridezillas, Rock of Love. And another question: why are conservatives so obsessed with abortion and rape (ie Mike Hukabees “Gift of Life” propaganda) other than it probably being their deep-harbored sex fantasies? I assume its to create more consumers to fill up Walmart and to entrap women or families into more financial dire straights, lessening time to engage in such luxuries as democratic practices/civic life/preserving basic rights (ie mountain top coal removal destroying air/water/everything for people around it). Sorry for my diatribe; if only your articles weren’t in Playboy and Maxim! If only you could tell me how to be a journalist then I would solve these quandaries!

    • Frank Owen says:

      Hi Vera,
      Thanks for your kind words. It’s easy to be a journalist these days. Start a blog. The difficult part is a) finding an audience and b) making money from your work.

  3. tom says:

    Where would I go about reading the The Last Days of Jam Master Jay article? Only see the picture on here and don’t see it online anywhere. Thanks in advance.


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