Spin Magazine Articles


“Hip Hop Bebop” Spin, October 1998

“Hanging Tough” Spin, April 1990

“Public Service” Spin, March 1990

“Pump The Bass” Spin, February 1990

“Fear of a Black Penis” Spin, September 1990

“Censorship Isn’t American” Spin, November 1990

“The Secret Life of Girls” Spin, September 1989

“Why Hendrix Still Matters” Spin, April 1991

“This Is A Warning” Spin, October 1989

“Antihero” Spin, March 1991

“The White Trash You Love to Hate” Spin, February 1991

“Singles Column” Spin, July 1990

“Bust a Groove” Spin, January 1990

“The Greening of Planet Pop” Spin, January 1990

“Singles Column” Spin, January 1990

“A Little Respect” Spin, February 1989

“Singles Column” Spin, May 1990

“Singles Column” Spin, March 1990

“Singles Column” Spin, June 1990

“Chairman of the Blues” Spin, June 1990

“LL Cool J and Mike Tyson Interview” Spin, January 1991

“Rock The Art House” Spin, November 1989

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